20 Jul 2012

Cornflakes Raya

Sempena Ramadhan yang akan menjelma esok, kami di RedChocolate ingin memperkenalkan product baru kami iaitu Cornflakes Raya.

conrflakes raya
close up
Ingredients :
Cornflakes, golden syrup, raisins, cocoa powder and margarine.

Weight :
+- 500gram per telap

Price : 
1-2 telap= MYR 28.00 per telap
3 and more telap = MYR 25.00 per telap

Order untuk Aidilfitri dibuka sekarang sehingga 08.08.12

Email : misstorred@gmail.com
Phone : 019-700 7469 (SMS only)

Terima Kasih
Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak


11 Jul 2012


Favour/ gift for birthday, wedding, farewell, welcoming someone or any occasion 

Chocolates in a box
(minimum order 1 box - for card)
(minimum order 20 boxes - for sticker)

Package A
8 pieces
 MYR 7.00 with ribbon and card/sticker

Package B
18 pieces
MYR 14 with ribbon and card/sticker

Package C
20 pieces
MYR 16 with ribbon and card/sticker

Couple chocolates

Package 1
2 pieces with gold choc cavity, ribbon and sticker
30 - 50 sets MYR 1.70 
51 - 100 sets MYR 1.50
101 sets and above, please email for quotation.

Package 2
2pieces with doily paper
30 - 50 sets MYR 1.40
51 - 100 sets MYR 1.30
100 sets and above, please email me for quotation.

If you interested and have a tight budget, do email me for negotiation.

Thank you :)


30 Jun 2012


Mini Hamper made by my friend, Nurshahnaz for her nephew.

lots of yummylicious stuff
close up
Get well soon dear :)


29 Jun 2012


Nasir's boss retires today. 

So, I made some goodies and mini hamper for Bursary Department last night.

For the staffs
100sets of 2 cavities paraline chocs
totally milk choc with raisins & totally dark choc with starwberry filling

Mini Hamper for Nasir's boss
sweet little gift
wrapped with love
the end product

Happy retirement Mr. Haji Abu Bakar.


28 Jun 2012


My friend will get engaged on 30th June 2012
but sadly, I can't make it due to family plan.

So, I made this specially for her.
*with the help of my officemate, Shahnaz.

the stuff
and wrapped with love
Dear Awin and fiancee,

Congratulations on your engagement.
Waiting for you 'Tied the knot' event soon.